Why Aven

Why choose Aven as your supplier?

Here are just some of the reasons:

  1. Range. We supply almost all types of load carriers and wood packaging material, including four-way pallets, two-way pallets, customised packaging, EUR-pallets, pallet collars, crates, boxes, board, particle board and timber, etc. – fully customised to your requirements.
  2. Knowledge, tradition and technology. At Aven, we have been experts in assembling wood packaging material since 1928. We began by manufacturing simple fish crates, but nowadays we provide sophisticated packaging solutions, primarily serving the manufacturing industry. Our design process harnesses the power of 3D CAD software.
  3. ISPM 15. Growing numbers of countries stipulate that timber packaging is treated in compliance with ISPM 15 requirements – that is, heated to at least 56º C for a 30-minute period – to ensure the material is not infested by pests. Not only does our timber meets these specifications, we also hold the Swedish Board of Agriculture licence for marking in accordance with ISPM 15.
  4. Fire prevention. In order to minimise the risk of fire, our factories are equipped with modern sprinkler systems supplemented by Firefly automatic leak detection technology. And if something should go wrong, we can arrange support deliveries from one of our sister factories.
  5. Delivery service. Delivery is normally made 2–3 days after an order is placed. However, we can arrange delivery in the middle of the night if necessary, and we’ve even been known to deliver pallets to customers in need on Sunday mornings!
  6. Quality & environment. Aven is certified in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We use only dried timber with a maximum moisture ratio of 20 percent, in order to avoid fungal infestation, among other things.
  7. A long-term approach. We strive to foster long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers – partnerships which endure through good times and bad. When our customers return to us time after time, we know we’re doing our job. Some of our customers have shown several decades of loyalty, watching us develop into one of the leading manufacturers of wood packaging material in the Nordic region.
  8. We are investing in the future through the ongoing acquisition of new, modern machinery. Over the last four business years, we have invested just over MSEK 45 in our manufacturing facilities in order to equip ourselves for future challenges.
  9. Bulk purchasing means we benefit from low prices on timber, nails and blocks, etc., enabling us to offer excellent value final products as a result.
  10. Carriers operating exclusively for us at the majority of our sites mean we can more effectively plan transportation according to your needs.
  11. Advice on the choice of packaging. With extensive production experience, our sales representatives can offer expert advice on designing pallets in line with your specifications. Don’t be surprised if our solutions exceed your expectations on quality and price!
  12. Fair play. We don’t believe in unscrupulous practice – honesty always prevails in the long run. Our workforce receive excellent salaries in line with Swedish collective agreements. All our timber originates from legally felled woodland. We continually strive to comply with sound business ethics and be a good citizen.