1. Dansk Träemballage A/S (DTE) Acquires Aven Holmestrand AS and Aven Rabbalshede AB

    Dansk Träemballage A/S (DTE) was created in 1989 when Haastrup wooden packing merged with Ribe packaging.

    The sawmill in Haastrup was founded in 1915 and operations in Ribe is from the 1581st

    Today the DTE of Stampen, Haastrup, Brande, Ribe and Nielsen & Löjmar in Hvidovre

  2. The companies name is changed to Aven with the addition of place-names to strengthen the brand

    The companies name is changed to even with the addition of the city name to strengthen their brand. In connection with the change of name to change its corporate structure so the operating companies owned by Aven Holding AB.

  3. Forsaträ AB acquires Aven companies

    Forsaträ AB acquires Aven AS in Holmestrand with subsidiary Aven in Rabbalshede

  4. Aven acquired company Aven Pallen in Rabbalshede

    In 1995 the company bought Aven (Holmestrand in Norway) Rabbalshede Pall. The company has a long history starting in 1928 by Heine Aven, who was running a sawmill

  5. Started one of the district’s sons, Einar Ung, the production of fish boxes in Rabbalshede

    1962 started any district’s sons, Einar Young, the production of fish boxes in Rabbalshede, northern Bohuslän. From humble beginnings grew the company gradually and the product range was to extent even pallets, boxes and other wooden packaging.