Environmental policy

Environmental policy for Aven companies

Aven shall conduct its operations with due concern for environmental factors.

We shall pursue an ongoing dialogue with employees, customers, suppliers and the authorities with the aim of achieving a working model whereby both internal and external environmental impact meet the requirements set by our customers and the authorities. Aven shall comply with all applicable laws and other requirements expected from the company.

The environmental management system outlines coordination and control of all company activities which impact on the environment.

We shall continually work towards ensuring the products we purchase, manufacture and sell can potentially be reused, recycled or finally processed with the minimum use of resources and without causing harm to the environment.

All transportation to and from Aven shall, insofar as possible, be planned and carried out with due consideration to supply security as well as financial and environmental factors.

We shall also minimise waste volumes and the negative environmental effects our operations may cause by pursuing constant improvements.

Aven’s environmental policy encompasses all members of the company, and shall be considered an ongoing process of improvement, which each department responsible for ensuring it is developed and complied with.

Our environmental management system is certified in accordance with  SS EN ISO 14001 and NS-EN ISO 9001